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The resilience to adapt quickly and successfully to minimise the impact for landlords.

2020 saw relentless change in the letting market, but over our nearly 50 years of letting property across Oxfordshire we have worked through various different global crises. The resilience we have built up means we are able to adapt quickly and successfully. Like a swan on the lake: what is hidden from view is the activity going on beneath the surface to keep steadily moving forward.

Resilience is the capacity to quickly adapt to disruption while maintaining continuous business operations and safeguarding people and assets. By definition, it's not possible to prepare for unpredictable events, but it is possible to learn and adapt. After nearly 50 years of letting property in Oxfordshire we have built strength and resilience. This casts a wider safety net for the future than having a specific plan for the next crisis that will, in all likelihood, be different to the current pandemic and enables us to remain composed and calm whilst paddling away to keep us moving forward.

Expertise to remain compliant
Successful letting requires a level of professionalism, expertise and even specialism. One of the major elements of this pandemic has been keeping on top of the piecemeal introduction of legislation that impacted property letting. The Coronavirus Act 2020 brought in continuous changes which impacted residential landlords, particularly around the changing requirements to notice periods. Our Tenancy Co-ordinators worked extremely hard with each change brought in to ensure that all parties were protected. It has certainly been challenging, but we are experienced in understanding and implementing new legislation and will continue to manage this for our landlords to ensure they remain compliant.

Remote working
One thing that has remained consistent has been our team's commitment to our customers and clients, managing this disruption and adjusting to ensure they support our landlords while implementing COVID-19 rules to keep tenants safe. Every member of the team has been set up to work remotely, using secure computer systems at home, redirecting telephones and conducting virtual online meetings. Our letting team is set up to carry out contactless viewings and valuations and our property management team have worked hard to conduct virtual, but thorough inspections as well as agreeing tenant check-outs remotely.

Tenant Demand Continues
Tenant demand in Oxfordshire continues to be strong, and we anticipate this continuing in the coming year. The restrictions of the last 10 months offered many people a unique re-evaluation of their home. As lifestyles have changed so have tenant requirements, with many looking for 'country living' as commuting has been reduced, or more space to work from home long-term. Oxford city has one of the highest proportion of rented homes in England (nearly 50% of homes are in the Private Rented Sector), and many tenants come to the county from overseas to live and work here for a fixed period of time and will want home to rent rather than buy.

Our team has shown real resilience in 2020 and although we cannot predict what 2021 will bring, we are ready to work hard, learn, adapt and provide a great service. Contact Finders Keepers for competent, experienced service in 2021.

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